Easy Coloring Sheets (& Cool Apps!)

I ran across this app and thought I’d share:


Makes images like these with a swipe of your finger:



That can be saved on your mobile device or tablet. This is quite fun all by itself, but with the help of a photo editor:


You can turn them into coloring sheets!


First open the image in the photo editor app (click on ‘Gallery’ to find your images). Then click on ‘Effect’ at the bottom and find the ‘Edge’ function. *Make sure to slide the contrast bar all the way over for the most crisp and clean lines*. Click the check mark at the top.

Then go back to the ‘Effect’ menu:


And click ‘Invert’. This does exactly what it sounds like, it inverts the colors and makes your coloring sheet! Click the check mark again. To save the image click on the box and arrow where the check mark usually is. You will have the option to save it in many different formats, but the easiest for this little project is to select ‘gallery’.

And that’s it! If you go to your photos you will find your coloring sheet. You can treat it just like any other photo! Share, upload send away!

Here are a few of the other ones I’ve made with these apps:


As always, if you have any questions feel free to drop me a line!